Food and Beverage

Sparkling Wine

Da Vinci Leonardo Prosecco 750mL Rp450,000.00


White Wine

Shearwater Sauvignon Blanc 750mL Rp564,000.00
Gallo Family Sauvignon Blanc 750mL Rp504,000.00
Alice White Chardonnay 750mL Rp522,000.00
House White (by the glass) Rp60,000.00


Red Wine

Gallo Family Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL Rp504,000.00
Alice White Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL Rp522,000.00
Alice White Merlot 750mL Rp522,000.00
House Red (by the glass) Rp60,000.00



Equil Natural (380mL) Rp18,000.00
Equil Sparkling (380mL) Rp24,000.00



French Press Coffee Rp18,000.00
Cappucino, Latte, Flat White Rp26,400.00
Long Black Rp24,000.00
Espresso Rp12,000.00


Twinings Tea (Assorted) Rp12,000.00


BIKU Signature Loose Leaf Tea Per Pot Rp30,000.00
Masala Chai  
Earl Grey  
Jasmine Green  
Red Berries  


We have several vendors at hand that can cater for your culinary requests. If there is something you desire that is not listed on our menu, please contact the Lady Marmalade Team and we can arrange a personalised menu.


Bombay Saphire Gin & Tonic / Soda Rp66,000.00
Vodka & Tonic / Soda Rp66,000.00



San Miguel Light Rp30,000.00
Bintang Rp30,000.00
Heineken Rp30,000.00


Soda Bottle

Sprite small bottle Rp12,000.00
Coke small bottle Rp12,000.00


Soda Can

Tonic Water Rp24,000.00
Soda Water Rp24,000.00
Diet Coke Rp24,000.00
Coke Zero Rp24,000.00


BIKU Signature Traditional High Tea For One Rp144,000.00
1 pot of BIKU loose leaf tea accompanied by: 
Scones with jam and cream 
Finger sandwiches; cucumber, salmon & cream cheese, ham and mustard 
Mini spinach quiche 
Selection of sweet treats


BIKU Tiny Tots Tea Time For One Rp60,000.00
Sweet Hibiscus Tea 
Scones with jam and cream 
Cup cake 
Finger sandwiches; peanut butter, cheddar cheese, ham


BIKU Asian High Tea For Two Rp264,000.00
1 pot of BIKU loose leaf tea accompanied by: 
Samoosa with chutney 
Vietnamese spring rolls 
Ayam sisit with sambal matah tart 
Curried egg sandwich 
Date scones with mango jam 
Moroccan orange cake with rose tea syrup 
Pineapple and mint agar –agar 
Kue mochi 
Salak poached in cinnamon and star anise 
Dadar gulung


Zen Sushi – 8 PIECES Rp120,000.00
Chicken Teriyaki 
California Roll 


Bali Catering Company Canapes – Per Piece Rp6,000.00

** For food and biku high tea availability based on request. Please place the request at least a day before the appointment.